Brian Ketelsen

Brian Ketelsen

I'm a cloud advocate focused on the future of distributed computing.


Development Environments for Linux

1 minute read

devlx is a command line tool that simplifies creating isolated containers for development projects in Linux. It uses templates and advanced features of LXD to allow both sound and X11 from the container to work on the host.

Captain Hook

Webhook Endpoint

1 minute read

I wrote Captainhook with Kelsey Hightower to solve a Continuous Integration problem. It is general purpose enough that we decided to release it as Open Source. You can respond to a web hook by running any approved command. Commands are specified in a configuration file.

Brian Ketelsen

7 minute read

It’s no secret that I’m resistant to learning Javascript and frontend development. I learned HTML back before CSS was even a thing, and even Javascript came long after I started doing web development. When I look at modern web development I shudder; the ecosystem is so confusing for someone who has been out of touch as long as I have. Node, webpack, yarn, npm, frameworks, UMD, AMD, arghhh!

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