Brian Ketelsen

Brian Ketelsen

I'm a cloud advocate focused on the future of distributed computing.

Hello waSCC

Web Assembly on the Server

2 minute read

I’m really excited about Web Assembly on the server. The promise of sandboxed and portable code feels like the realization of the vision Docker tried to achieve. In this article I’m going to walk through creating a service using waSCC, which is a host runtime for running actors written in web assembly. We’ll mostly follow the tutorial for creating a new actor, but with more nuance, and specifics for using WSL2 on my Windows Laptop added for completeness.

Byobu on WSL

Make your life easier with Byobu

4 minute read

Byobu is a frontend for tmux and screen that allows you to save your terminal sessions and reconnect to them easily. It’s one of the biggest time-savers in my bag of tricks. Read along to learn how I use it. This article applies to any *nix-like system, despite the “on WSL” in the title.

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