Brian Ketelsen

Brian Ketelsen

I'm a cloud advocate focused on the future of distributed computing.


I was born on the Internet. You merely adopted it.

Hello! You’ve stumbled here because you’re bored with Hacker News. I understand. On this site you’re likely to find things about Go, building communities, and maybe the occasional post about my hobbies: drones, 3d printing, target shooting, and travel and camping.

I co-organize GopherCon, a community-focused conference for Go programmers held annualy in Denver, Colorado. GopherCon’s parent company is GopherAcademy which I founded with Erik St. Martin in the hopes of planting the seeds early in Go’s growth curve for an open, inclusive, and friendly programming community.

I love devops, containers, orchestration, Go, microservices, messaging, monitoring, and generally connecting things together that weren’t previously connected. You might know of me from my creation skydns, which provides DNS service discovery for most of the Kubernetes installations on the Internet, or from Go In Action which I co-wrote with Bill Kennedy and Erik St. Martin. Long ago I created RailsLiveCD which was a linux distribution I built before awesome tools like RVM existed to make installing Ruby and Rails easier.

I’m currently playing around with Nim and Elixir to keep my skills sharp.

Previously, I was the CIO at XOR Data Exchange and Clarity Services.

You can hear me talk about Go weekly on the GoTime podcast. We stream live at 3PM Eastern time most Thursdays, and our episodes appear in the usual places after some light editing by the Changelog team.

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