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Mastering API Development with goa

Learn API Development in Go with goa

From Design to Deployment

This online course will teach you how to build a fast and maintainable API using goa.

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Distributed Strengths Put my experience to work for you.

Feature 1

Technical Author

My first book Go In Action is available from Manning Press.

Feature 2

Software Consulting

Experience matters when you are building and deploying distributed systems.

Feature 3

Blog Articles

Read my writings on various topics, including but not limited to software development.

Feature 4

On-site Training

Hire me to train your team. Onsite training available at competitive rates.

Highly Recommended Actual Customer Feedback

You were a joy to listen to and exceeded my expectations.

"You have excellent delivery skills and the pacing was correct for the amount of material vs time."

"Looking for Go training or consulting? I highly recommend @bketelsen. Super smart and all-around awesome person."